satt college

akademi hospitaliti & pelancongan saujana

SATT Establishment

Saujana Academy of Hospitality & Tourism was established in 1997. In its earlier days of establishment, it was known as Saujana Academy of Travel & Tour.  As the institution embarked into the wholesomeness of tourism, hospitality, culinary and business field of studies, the name was changed. To maintain its fundamentals and path to expands, the acronym of the institution remain unchanged. 

Its formation was in response to the dire need for trained workforce by the tourism and hotel industries to support the development of the country’s tourism industry especially in Sarawak. The institution’s philosophy is to provide a comprehensive and application based knowledge to its programs’ participant through leveraging on process based teaching and learning. It emphasizes on “hands-on” training concept and life simulation to ensure that the students are competent to apply what they have learned and experienced when they enter the workforce.


To build SATT College into a reputable institution specializing in hospitality, tourism, culinary arts and business programmes in the region.


We are committed to provide comprehensive and outstanding educational programs which will equip human capital with strong foundation for employment and business in the industry.