Q1. Financial Aid

Q2. Financial Aid

Q3. Accreditation

Q4. Further Studies

Q5. Job Opportunities

Q6. About SATT


Q1: What are the financial supports available?


A1: Diploma level student will be able to apply for the following financial support;


·         Maximum loan is RM17, 000 or 75% or 50% of the maximum loan amount. Student may have to top up the rest of the program’s fee between RM3000 to RM5000 either by using KWSP or installment scheme.

2. KWSP Withdrawal

·    Facility can be used to top up or cover the whole diploma program fee but will be done on semester basis only

3. Commercial Bank

·       Commercial bank loan is available form Bank Rakyat or Affin Bank

4. Yayasan Sarawak

·   Student can also apply for Yayasan Sarawak to cover up the fees but subjected to quota provided by the Yayasan itself.

5. Incentive by UiTM (Only for UiTM Programs)

·     Special incentive is given to student in the B40 category with a 50% incentive supported by UiTM. The parent must be registered in E-Kasih scheme.

·   Student enrolled into UiTM program also is eligible to use additional top up loan from Yayasan Sarawak if needed.


A2. Skill Certificate Program by JPK

6. PTPK Loan

·     PTPK loan is only available for certificate’s program but only announced on College granted quota


7. For adult candidates or working with a company that pay’s Levi to HRDF, The Company can use the Levi to pay for their staff training under JPK’s program (RSTG only)


8. Special One-Off Support

a)    Bantuan Pendahuluan Pendidikan Baitulmal

b)    Bakun Education Support Foundation


9. Bantuan Pendidikan Penuh


·     Successful candidates taking selected Diploma Program are geared to our “Young Lecturer Scheme”

Q2: Is the program accredited and recognized?


A1: All our Diploma Programs are accredited by Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) and approval from MOE. To view our accreditation, click here.

Our diploma also recognized by Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA). Refer to the attachment at the end of this FAQ sheet on our course accreditation and recognition.


A2: Our skill certificate program also accredited by Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) under the Ministry of Human Resource

For our RSTG (Regional Specific Tourist Guide), it is also being licensed by Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture (MOTAC)


For Food Service Operation, our programs will include each student to obtain Food Handling Course by KKM.

Q3: Do the colleges provide accommodation?


A:  The College does not provide accommodation but is working with several reliable providers to cater on various accommodation facilities request.

 Other service provider will have a setup at single or double occupant in a room with price range between RM150 to RM300. Even though the follow separate rule, but basic curfew and monitory by SATT is still in place. Most of the accommodation service provider is located between 5 minutes’ walk of the college’s two campuses.

Q4: After completion, where can I further my studies?


A: Depending on the program you enroll and your interest. Basically, the Malaysian education pathway is as follow;

 After diploma completion, our student can go further in their studies. For example;

         i.            UiTM                                                                              v. Berjaya University College of Hospitality

       ii.            Unitar                                                                                   Oversea, in case to case basis;

      iii.            UCSI, Taylor University                                              vi. Wolverhampton University, Uk

     iv.            Swinburn University                                                   vii. California Institute of Culinary, USA

Q5: What will be my career path and job opportunities?

A: As a student at SATT College, you are encourage to join our part time job opportunity (study and earn) at Dormani Hotel or Grand Dormani Rajah Court Hotel, Kuching. Your part time opportunity will also be at Imperial Hotel Kuching, BCCK, Pullman Hotel, Dewan Complex Islam and many more as well as concentrating on your studies.

Upon completion, if your choice to be in the workforce early, the following are your career path.


Culinary Programs

Industry: Hotel Business, Restaurant and Catering, Oil and Gas Seafarer, Food Nutritionist, Food Manufacturing, Own Food Business, Education (Trainer or Lecturer)


Hotel Management Programs

Industry: Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Operation. Event planner, Airlines Services, Food Manufacturing, Marketing, F&B Controller, Education (Lecturer and Trainer)

Tourism Programs


Industry: Travel agencies, Tour Operator, Transportation and Services, Theme Park, National Park, Tourism Ambassador, Tourist Guide, Event Management, Hospitality Service Operation, Ticketing Agent and Marketing Personnel.

Q6: What is unique about SATT College?


A: We were established in 1997, specialized in Culinary, Tourism, Hospitality and Business programs. With more than 20 years experiences and strong ties with the industry have enable us to develop our program based on what the industry’s expectation in skill, knowledge and attitude.

The blended learning approach both conventional, digital, group and individual creativity has made many of our alumni thrives in the industry they have interested in.


The campus is located on the heart of Kuching City alongside the Kuching Water Front make it ideal for the student not only to see what this industry is all about but experience and be part of it.

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