Certificate in Culinary Arts (JPK/701/22 JLD.35(036)

This program provides an excellent college personal statement foundation for a career in the hotel, restaurants and catering industry. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience and develop practical skills at our industry based standard facilities.

Subject Offered

  • Hygiene, Kitchen Safety & Food Handling
  • Cooking Technique
  • Main Course Production
  • Appetizer Production
  • Breakfast Production
  • Dessert Production
  • Catering Activities
  • Supervisory Administrative Function
  • Basic Cost Control

Financial Assistant

  • Yayasan Sarawak-Registration fee is RM180

Course Duration

  • HT-012-2:2012: (Level 2) 8 MONTHS
  • HT-012-3:2012: (Level 3) 12 MONTHS