Our Alumni

Name : Amirul Hapif Bin Sitam

Course : Diploma in Business Studies

“SATT College offers a quality & affordable Education”

Name: Rossi Alam Ak Chulo

Course: HM110 Diploma in Hotel Management (UiTM Affiliate Program)


“SATT College is the pioneer in providing training in the Culinary Arts”

Name: Donny Liew Shan Li

Course: Diploma in Culinary Arts


 “SATT College is the college of choice in preparing you for a meaningfull career in the Culinary Arts”

Name: Attaillah Bin Wahid

Course: Certificate in Culinary Arts (Level 1 & 2)


“SATT College is top college in the field of Culinary Arts training”

Name : Martineus Langi Ak Michael

Course : HM110 Diploma in Hotel Management (UiTM Affiliated Program)


“SATT College is the place to start your journey in the culinary world. It’s programmes are all recognised by MQA and are taught by experienced instructor.”

Name : Syed Muhammad Nazrin Bin Wan Sharbini

Course : Diploma in Culinary Art


 “For those of us with a lifelong passion for food, working within the culinary arts industry is the ultimate goal. If culinary industry is the career path you seek for, you’re in the right place, because SATT College is the institution of choice for preparing you for a prolific career in the culinary arts.”


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