Certificate in Pastry Production

This program provides an excellent foundation as a Pastry Cook, to work and assist the Pastry Chef  of a bakery or pastry kitchen in a Hotel, Restaurant, Catering or others commercials pastry production Industry. This intensive programme aimed to provide valuable hands-on and skill bakery production best on industry standard bakery production methods at our industrial standard bakery kitchen lab.

Career Opportunities

There are excellent prospects in the private sector due to shortages of hands-on experts in food preparation services. The local expertise workforce is recognized by other countries as being highly knowledgeable and skilled in the pastry production industry. This in turn increases the demand for skilled personnel in this field to be employed locally or internationally.

Programmes Content

  • Safety, Health & Hygiene Practices
  • Batter & Dough Preparation
  • Filling & Creams Preparation
  • Pudding Preparation
  • Cookies Preparation
  • Malaysia Desserts
  • Cakes Preparation
  • Pastry Product & Material Handling
  • Pastry Product Sales & Marketing
  • Soft & Hard Roll Preparation

Programmes Duration

HT-014-2:2011: (Level 2: 6 Months)

Entry Requirement

Age of 18 years old at the time of application and Pass SPM with 3 passes in any subject or any equivalence


Pass SKM Level 1 or any equivalence


Any Inquiry regarding this programme appreciate to call us for assistance

082-234581 or 082-242582