certificate in pastry production

This program provides an excellent foundation as a Pastry Cook, to work and assist the Pastry Chef  of a bakery or pastry kitchen in a Hotel, Restaurant, Catering or others commercials pastry production Industry. This intensive programme aimed to provide valuable hands-on and skill bakery production best on industry standard bakery production methods at our industrial standard bakery kitchen lab.

Currently, this program has been awarded with 3 Stars by JPK itself through recent audit and evaluation.

Course Code & Duration

HT-014-2:2011: 8 Months

entry requirement

At least candidate with PMR or PT3

training modules

Safety, Health & Hygiene Practices

Batter & Dough Preparation

Filling & Creams Preparation

Pudding Preparation

Cookies Preparation

Malaysia Desserts

Cakes Preparation

Pastry Product & Material Handling

Pastry Product Sales & Marketing

Soft & Hard Roll Preparation


  1. Perbadanan Tabung Pembangunan Kemahiran (PTPK)
    • Financial assistance is available from PTPK with allowance at RM400 per month.
  2. Baitumal Sarawak
    • Muslim student are encouraged to apply individually to Baitulmal Sarawak.