Certificate in Culinary Arts (JPK/701/22 JLD.35(036)

This program provides an excellent college personal statement foundation for a career in the hotel, restaurants and catering industry. Students will gain valuable hands-on experience and develop practical skills at our industry based standard facilities. This program had acquired the approval from Jabatan Pembangunan Kemahiran (JPK) as well as recognized as Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (Level 2 or 3)

Subject Offered

  • Hygiene, Kitchen Safety & Food Handling
  • Cooking Technique
  • Main Course Production
  • Appetizer Production
  • Breakfast Production
  • Dessert Production
  • Catering Activities
  • Supervisory Administrative Function
  • Basic Cost Control

Entry Requirement

  • At least PMR/PT3

Financial Assistant

  1. Yayasan Sarawak

     – Registration fee is RM180. Upon completion, 50% of total loan will be converted into scholarship.

     – Latest intake is October 2019


Course Duration

  • HT-012-2:2012: (Level 2) 8 MONTHS
  • HT-012-3:2012: (Level 3) 12 MONTHS